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"Here we reach to touch the humanity in a blade of steel, to feel the heart beat in armour cold, to hear the singing of the string upon a non-dormant bow. To live and lust the life we crave and dawn the helm we so earned."

-HRM Keliance, King of the EastWind Realm.

Do you have an interest in the Middle Ages? Have you ever wondered what it would've been like to live in the Medieval Era? Have you ever watched a movie that had Knights in it and thought what it would be like to be one? Well, in the Knights of EastWind, your search is over.

We in the the Knights of EastWind seek to recreate (in our own fashion) that enviornment and that way of life. It is our goal to bring back that simpler way of life and to embrace those Arthurian ideals that was the goal of any and all brave men who took up a life at arms. We follow two codes in the Knights of EastWiind, the EastWind tenets and the Chivalric code of Honor. These two things are what should guide and aid you in making your decisions and choices, in both the EastWind Society, and in your mundane life as well.

When you first come to the Knights, you start off humbly and with no position (however, there are no peasants or serfs in the Knights), as did anyone else who followed the path of Knighthood in those days. Once you are found worthy, you will become a Page of EastWind and will start your training. After a period of time (that is up to you), and you are thought to be worthy, you will be elevated to the position of Squire. Do not think that the road gets easier once this happens, for it couldn't be further from the truth. Now that you are a Squire, you must start upon the long road to Knighthood, and it is here that you will be tested, tried, and judged unrelentlessly. If you are found to be a worthy soul, then you will be elevated to that most precious state of Knighthood and raised to the position of Knight. However, the journey is far from over for you. The life of a Knight is just as, and more so, arduous than that of a Squire. Now, ALL eyes are upon you and your actions...so...act accordingly.

If you think that this is something you want....if you think that you are ready to put yourself to the test....if you think you can handle the tests and the rigors in your search for that most precious state of Knighthood....then come and join us, friend. It is not the destination that matters on that long road, for the answer always lies in the journey.

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